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ATC s.c. W.I.D. Kaczmarek


ATC s.c. is a company that has been operating in the market since 1991. Over the years, the company has been developing dinamically, evidence of which is Standard of Training and Development Service of Polish Chamber of Training Companies Certificate (SUS 2.0), references as well as licence of competence given by specialized units such as: Central Institute for Labor Protection, Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining or Institute of Welding Technology. Our company is professional in its own field. The concept of our company is to provide our customers with the highest level of service. 

Our company cooperates with experts in various fields and conducts modern training programmes. The quality of conducted services gives our clients a feeling of comfort while trained staff is a guarantee of competent and professional service. Our company has an experience in implementing large training projects from analysis of training needs to scheduling, training, counseling, evaluation and monitoring activities. Our company offers professionally developed training and outsourcing projects. 

Wide range of activities covers: 
  1. Courses in the field of railway carrier: train dispatcher course, railway signal control operator, brakeman, shunting master, railway hunter, rolling stock auditor, process automation engineer, track supervisor, lineman, engine driver and vehicle driver training, points operator course, signalman, periodic, verification and qualification exams, examinations for the license of competence of the following trainings approved by the decision of the president of UTK, as well as any other on demand.
  2. Construction equipment courses (IMBiGS) - diggers, graders, cutting-off machines, etc.
  3. Trainings and licenses of competence issued by UDT i TDT – overhead cranes, cranes etc.
  4. Weld courses (IS) - MIG, MAG, TIG.

By ensuring the complexity of our services, our offer is complemented by an adapted accommodation with full board.

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ATC s.c. W.I.D. Kaczmarek
ATC s.c. W.I.D. Kaczmarek
ATC s.c. W.I.D. Kaczmarek
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Aktualizacja: 13-02-2018 
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